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Startup Description

"“iMAR” is a Smartphones, Tablet and AR glasses application used in oil and gas industries by taking benefits of Augmented Reality technology which will help field employees and trainees to identify the pump and learn about the internal and external parts using this app in interactive way. Our target is to corporate with big Oil & Gas industry companies in Oman. This app will then be used to introduce a new generation of computer vision in mechanical field and others utility applications. Several functionalities of this app are already developed and tested through prototype applications. These functionalities include types of pumps, parts and size in real world. Our proof of concept application is in mechanical industry category and it’s called iMAR. It is an application that lets users to interact with machine in the field. It eliminates any confusion between the manual and the real equipment and also the technician can quickly learn maintenance procedures correctly from the first time."

Target Customer

  • 1/ PDO 2/ Occidental Oman 3/ Manufacture (Future) 4/ Engineers & Technicians (Future)



Education / E-learning / Training

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Shaher Mabkhut Al junaibi

Current Position

SR.WTP operator


BSc (Hons) in Computer Programming Science from Stanorshire University


Shahir holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Programming Science from Stanorshire University, United Kingdom. He currently works as an assistant chief operator of water plants. He has ten years of experience in the oil and gas industry in several locations including water desalination plants and water analysis laboratories. iOS Developer for 3 years and now doing 3D module creation.


  • issa abdullah al mahmudi (Technical adviser )
  • Shatha al subahi (Ar/vr programmer )