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Startup Description

The business concept is a henna ink-jet printer. It is designed to release henna paste instead of ink. The idea of this product is to serve women who suffer to find high-quality henna designs in salons and beauty centers due to various reasons such as, lack of henna specialists. Moreover, the overcrowding in the salons, more specifically during special occasions. The idea of this product is to build a paradigm shift from transferring the traditional means of applying henna into more advanced and technological way. In addition, the competitive advantage of this device can be examined by its effortless working pattern that minimizes human integration. Hence, human error will be completely avoided. This is said as the devise will be designed to be self-operated and programmed well to ensure the minimum human involvement. Thus, creating more convenience and satisfaction that meets customer’s needs.

Target Customer

  • B2B: Salons and beauty centers



Consumer Products/Services

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Bushra Salim Alwahaibi

Current Position

Founder and CEO


Nanodegree in Digital Marketing from Udacity online platform


Student at the College of Banking and Financial Studies and has a Digital Marketing Nanodegree from Udacity. completed financial accounting and finance Harvard online course. Despite her focus on university study she has an experience in sales and marketing and worked 3 months as a teaching assistant at the British Council.


  • Shamsa said alwahaibi (Co founder)
  • Asaad alsabahi (Programmer and engineer)
  • Salim said alwahaibi (Mentor and advisor )