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Kidzo Lab

Startup Description

"Kidzo Lab is a tech startup offers regular boxes packed with educational and fun activities that are well thought off to enhance all aspects of the child s development. As children work with concrete materials that are scientifically designed, which provides them the keys to explore our world and develop basic cognitive abilities. We design special projects based on the special needs of the children to help them improve in different aspects. Moreover, we construct activities that enable the child to work independently at their respective pace. Hence rising their self belief. Our boxes provide a variety of different activities, and therefore there is a lot of freedom for the child to pick their own activities. This freedom of choice builds his leadership and concentration skills."

Target Customer

  • Parents and their kids from age 3 to 6 years old Nursery School



Education / E-learning / Training

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Web-based App



Wajood Abdullah Al-amri

Current Position

Project Manager


MSc Project Management


Head of Planning and Studies Section at the Directorate General of Communications and Information Systems at the Royal Court. Holds a Bachelor of Software Engineering and a Master of Project Management from UK. A graduate of “Abdul Aziz bin Humaid” Program for Leaders Development in UAE and a finalist in the National Youth Program for Skills Development. Founder and CEO of “Kidzo Lab”.


  • Wajood alamri (Project manager)
  • Asdaf alzidjal (Marketing consultant)
  • Murooj alamri (Content creator)