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Smart Logistics

Startup Description

Smart Logistics is a web based platform that use internet of things and AI to control last mile truck transportation between service providers (Truck Owners) and the clients. This is two sides problem, where service providers have dificalties on having stable demand of delivering processes, where they mostly have shortage on that, especially these days with the current economical situation. In the other hand we have clients who always have dificalties to find the right truck, dificalties to deal with drivers, dificalties with unorganized pricing system and difficulties in security. Smart Logistics is the solution! Every truck register in Smart Logistics fleet will have a GPS hardware device, to insure the security and improve the value added to the clients by performing life tracking. Moreover, this system will be part of maching process between service providers and clients. It works simply as the following: service providers will be registred and activated into the system. Clients can use the platform to order a truck or other services, and track his shipment life on real time.

Target Customer

  • Production and Logistics Companies and Individual Clients



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Web-based App
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
Smart Cities



Said Salim Alabri

Current Position

CEO and Project Manager


Bachelor in Industrial Engineering


My name is Said Alabri, I have 24 years,I'm from Nizwa. I have graduated from Sultan Qaboos University as Industrial Engineer at 2018. Since graduation, I took entrepreneurship path by joining Upgrade program, then Ibhar program with Asyad Group and then Youth Program, to use maximum resources to succeed my startup.


  • Said alabri (Ceo&project manager)
  • Alhusain alabri (Programmer)
  • Ibrahim alabri (Operations manager)