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Startup Description

EcoWatts delivers a proprietary and a patented technology to monitor the electricity consumption of individual devices within a household or a corporation. Using the IOT technology, it makes electricity consumption data accessible to the customer through an application and a website dashboard. The aim of such a platform is to educate customers of how much electricity each device is consuming, suggest methods to increase the efficiency of use and reduce electricity bills. It also serves as a method to detect maintenance problems, thus improving safety. EcoWatts can also deliver switches to control individual appliances through the app. In the future, such technology could be replicated to monitor water and gas consumption.

Target Customer

  • B2B market, main target customers: ESco's, industry, government buildings, schools, universities, hospitals, large corporations, hotels etc.



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Siddiqa Faiq Al lawati

Current Position

Project Development Manager- GlassPoint Solar Inc.


MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering


Siddiqa Al Lawati, a graduate from Imperial College London holding an MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering. Upon graduation, Siddiqa was the first female to join GE (General Electric) s Graduate Engineering Training Program. She is currently working at GlassPoint Solar, whereby she overlooks the technical feasibility of all new solar projects.


  • Khalil sulaiman (Co founder)
  • Kaiser tirmizi (Concept designer and digital marketer)