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Greetings And Stuff

Startup Description

"GreetingsAndStuff.com is an interactive website that individuals and organizations can visit to buy designs (by various Omani designers) for announcements, invitations, and greetings. It allows users to customize designs by changing positions, colors, adding text. etc. Hence, avoid the hassle of asking about designers, search for their social media to see their work, contact them, wait for response, brief them and go through this lengthy process. Instead, they can visit our site for fast instant service which is actually fun to use! We plan to provide more services, expand in the region and beyond."

Target Customer

  • 22 40 years old Women and Men In Oman + SMEs



Media / Social Networking / Arts

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Web-based App



Ghada Redha Al lawati

Current Position

Head - Internal Communications


Bachelor Degree - Marketing


Ghada is the Head of the Internal Communications Unit at Bank Muscat. She has 7 years of experience working in communications, social media, events and branding. As part of her job, She works very closely with various design, branding and creative agencies and free lancers.


  • Ghada redha al lawati (Founder )
  • Hussain redha al lawati (Management & marketing)