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"“Skill Desk” is an online platform connects and centralizes candidates and opportunities in the market for upskilling and workplace exposure - linking between companies, students and academia. The target customer includes companies aiming to gain access to talents (manpower supply) and play an active role in the upskilling of current and future workforce via training, part time and internship opportunities. Mission: Revolutionizing the marketplace by allowing students to learn by doing and enable employers to hire candidates based on skills."

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Ilham Salim Al eisri

Current Position

Chief Executive Officer


BSc Organizational Behavior & Marketing


A Human Capital Development Coordinator working at Oman Society for Petroleum Services. She is greatly interested in the in the country value initiatives and the various efforts towards upskilling current and future workforce. Holds a bachelor s degree in Management and Marketing and a Nano Degree in Data Foundations form Udacity. The Program Principle of The National Young Professionals Committee (WPC YC) supported by Ministry of Oil and Gas.


  • Khalid Al Khalifa (CTO)
  • Ali Al Raisi (Business Development Advisor)