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Fabricate is a tech startup that aims to elevate the design and built industries through leveraging 3D printing technology also known as additive manufacturing. With the ability to create furniture based on your feelings, Fabricate caters to the design oriented and the exclusivity seekers, providing timeless, modern art pieces to perfectly match your space. The platform eliminates the hassle of finding the right furniture or home accessory while providing income opportunities for product designers and enthusiasts alike. Customers can customize their designs based on their desired color, size, material for their needed space. Fabricate's diverse range of products are suited for the corporate and commercial sector. Fabricate aims to grow into new markets such as concrete 3D printing low density buildings. We at Fabricate commit to provide unique 3D printed experiences for the world.

Target Customer

  • Corporate offices, reception areas, waiting lounges, retail, conference halls, hotels, residential houses



Consumer Products/Services

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Muhammad Najim Al timami

Current Position

Chief Executive Officer


Masters of Arts in Architecture and Urbanism


An established Architect in the design & construction industry with a master s degree from the University of Manchester, with a strong goal of attaining a PhD in Digital Fabrication and Computational Design. Represented the Manchester School of Architecture in an international workshop in Havana, Cuba alongside various volunteering experiences at international youth organizations. The opportunity to create impact is the main driver behind Muhammad's journey.


  • Muhammad najim al timami (Ceo/founder)
  • Buthaina mohammed al farsi (Design director)
  • Idris khalil al ismaili (Chief technology officer)