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Startup Description

Recyclotops is a tech startup targeting issues of inefficient waste management in offices, lack of recycling culture in businesses and low employee satisfaction in their office spaces. Our solution to these issues is creating Oman`s first fully automated, self segregating waste bin that is equipped with a user point tracking system to incentivize its usage. The product incorporates material waste sensors, motors, mechanical parts and many more. Our target market is private businesses with users in the age range 25 to 34. Future goals include capturing 0.1% of the market in 2 years to save all recyclable waste from Omani landfills.

Target Customer

  • Private businesses. Examples are Companies, Educational institutions (Colleges, Schools) , independent environmental organizations. Target Users in these space environments are in the demographic 25-34, employees, male &female.



Enterprise Products/Services

Functional MVP:

phyical product MVP


Internet of Things
Big Data



Mariyah Hassan Al jabri

Current Position



Bachelor's degree in engineering


"Mariyah holds a bachelor's degree from Sultan Qaboos University in Chemical and Processing Engineering . She also holds a degree in digital marketing from Udacity. Over the past few months, she has worked in collaboration with the ""innovation factory"" to develop a unique product for her tech startup "" Recyclotops"".


  • Maha alkindi (Digital marketer)
  • Haitham al maamari (Programmer )