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The Boom

Startup Description

"“The Boom” is a mobile application helps restaurants to become smart restaurants by facilitating the process of obtaining the views of customers and analyze their behavior, to use these information in designing smart offers and convert non-peak times of the restaurant to peak times in an automated way. It also allows restaurant owners to create, manage, customize, and delete offers easily at any time. This application uses the fourth industrial revolution techniques associated with data analysis to achieve accurate and reliable results, where these techniques analyze and manage huge amounts of data and turn them into accurate information and easy to understand."

Target Customer

  • restaurants owners



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Web-based App
Mobile App
Artificial Intelligence
Big Data



Mohammed Zaher Koora

Current Position

SCADA Engineer


Electrical & Telecomcumication Engineer


A graduate of Sultan Qaboos University in the telecommunication engineering. Currently is working in PDO. He excited in the design and building websites including ek-sport.com. He loves everything that combines technology and entrepreneurship. As well as loves to deal with data and analysis, so he holds the position of control of the Power network and analysis of its data (SCADA Engineer).


  • Anal zaher (Marketing )
  • Haha no zaher (Planning and strategy )
  • Abdullah aman (Programming )