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Renewable Marine Fuels (RMF)

Startup Description

“Renewable Marine Fuels (RMF)” is a tech-startup uses a proprietary and patented technology to recycle waste motor oil into low Sulphur diesel. Customers include bunker blenders for the maritime industry including power generation and construction companies. Sulphur causes various environmental impacts; thus, the International Maritime Organization is stipulating a reduction of 86% in fuel-Sulphur content by 2020. This will increase demand of such fuels and increase the market size by approximately 80% to 237bn $ by 2025. The 3rd generation commercially viable plant can be operational in 18months, and is able to refine 1,800bbl/day. 85% of low Sulphur diesel can then be sold at a discount of 10% compared to traditional refineries. Other products include 9% naphtha-gasoline-kerosene, and 5% bunker oil.

Target Customer

  • Bunker blenders, power generating companies, military and asphalt producing companies



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Nasr Murtadha Al saleh

Current Position

Chief Executive Officer


MSc. Engineering Management


Nasr M. Al Saleh, is a Mech. Eng graduate from Queen’s University Canada, 2nd class honors and a Fulbright Scholar graduated from Penn State University, US with a 3.91 GPA. Currently, he is a Consulting Manager at PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). His previous experience includes; Petroleum Engineering as a Senior Reservoir Characterization Field Engineer for Schlumberger, Relationship Manager for Oman Arab Bank’s Large Corporate Division, and a Project Engineer for Omar Zawawi Establish constructing a 15MT refining plant.