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Waffir App

Startup Description

“Waffir” mobile application is an online platform that allows users to track services, special offers, sale and clearance of a wide range of shops in Oman. The subscribed shops can use the app to show and update the services as well as their special offers to customers regularly in order to reach variant users. On the other hand, users can seek services and benefit from all sale offers without missing any chance.

Target Customer

  • Car Polish Shop



Web-based App
Mobile App



Ahmed Rashid Al shukairi

Current Position

IT helphesk


Bachelor, Networking


"Holds Bachelor’s degree from Majan College in Networking and Nanodegree in “Data Foundation” from Udacity. One of the 100 participants in the National Youth Program for Skills Development, he is currently working with his team on the development of the tech-startup ""Waffir App""."


  • Ahmed Al Rashdi (Programer )
  • Zainab Al Alawi (Programmer)
  • Amur Al Hajri (Accountant )
  • Muhammed Waleed Ashour (Consultant )
  • Ahmed Al Shukairi (Founder)