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Startup Description

Saraina is a website that helps the tourists live a unique experience with the locals. As we are lacking the connection between them, and the cost of the tourism industry aren`t flexible nor cheap. The Idea of Saraina is to connect the tourists (Targeted customer) with the locals to provide a different experience and adventure that the tourist wishes to have when he visits the country. Like a visit to a hidden spring or fishing as a local, with a satisfying cost according to their budget, interest and time.

Target Customer

  • Omanies, expatriate, Inbound travelers , GCC visitors



Tourism / Travel / Transport

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Sulaiman Ali Al mahrooqi

Current Position

Cheif Executive Officer


Bachelor in Mechancal engineering


Holds a bachelor`s degree in mechanical engineering and a passionate entrepreneur in technology field. Co-founder of Bella Luna production and Crossfit Itihad. Has a practical experience at INJAZ Oman as an Operations Officer, where he has trained more than 1,000 students at various universities in the Sultanate. He currently works at the Diwan of Royal Court as a Project Manager. Adventurous, mountaineer, hiker and diver. Enjoys a life full of adventures.