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Startup Description

"“iParts” is a website and mobile application that includes a database of used car parts suppliers in the Sultanate and connects them directly with buyers, wholesalers and car repair garages. This application simplifies the search for spare parts by brand and model, compare the prices, and complete the purchase process is fast and guaranteed way. The application also provides the purchase process using the tender system. It`s worth mentioning that the application will soon be available for free for all smartphones. "

Target Customer

  • low and Middle class Drivers -->> Customers mechanics -->> Customers Used spare parts Shops -->> Suppliers



Consumer Products/Services

Functional MVP:



Web-based App
Mobile App



Taimoor Mohammed Alnadabi

Current Position

Mechanical lab technician


Bachelor of Mechanical engineering


A strategic minded mechanical engineer working in one of the best educational institutions in the Sultanate of the Middle East College as a mechanical and physical laboratory technician alongside an industrial coordinator for the mechanical engineering department and a supervisor of the theater and music community. In addition to his technical expertise, he has many management skills in the fields of human development and entrepreneurship, where he participated in several relevant local and international training programs.


  • Taimoor Mohammed Salim Alnadabi (Founder and CEO)
  • Sarah Alsaqri (Co foilunder and Chief Technical Executive )